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The New Amsterdam Cafe

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When it comes to our clothing, our goal is to stock merch that looks awesome and maintains an authentic and old-school style. In terms of our cannabis accessories and gear, we ensure that the designs are both beautiful and practical for the user. Designs for our custom apparel and our accessories change on a rolling basis, which means that every time you come into the cafe you will discover additional unique pieces of the collection. Avid glass collectors are guaranteed to love our distinctive lineup of hardware!

Where our Merch is Sourced

Here at the NAC, we are very proud of our unique collection of merchandise. Not only because of the spectacular designs, but also because our merchandise has been crafted by members of the local community. We love providing passionate artists with a platform for success; with our lineup of merchandise, we have done just that. There’s a lot of local talent in Greater Vancouver and beyond, and we enjoy being able to display the best that BC has to offer!

The most prominent artist we work alongside is the local graffiti artist SOAK. Each piece SOAK designs is completely different, so if you’re walking home with a SOAK piece, you’re walking home with something nobody else has. Check out our current one-of-a-kind SOAK pieces before they sell out!

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